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We call ourselves "First-time Homebuyer Specialists" for a reason!  It is because we go the extra mile (or two or three...) to acquaint these clients with the different systems of the home and how they are supposed to function, how and when to conduct maintenance, as well as when to plan for upcoming replacement if necessary.  We take as long as needed with our clients so that they feel they have received an education about the home they are in the process of buying.  We are available to answer their questions long after the inspection is over.  Some of these clients have contacted us months after closing to ask about how to operate one of the components of their home.
Dream Home Inspection takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of our clients to design custom solutions that exceed expectations.  Many of our clients are from referrals from previous clients.  See our "A" rating on Angie's List for what our clients say about us!
These clients are already alert to areas of the home that are most crucial for inspection.  Experienced homebuyers often arrive to the home inspection with their questions already prepared.  They have an understanding of what information they will need to proceed with the home buying process.  Oftentimes, however, experienced homebuyers are in the process of moving from one type of housing to another, say, from a condominium to a single family house, and they are in need of a different set of information.
The best advertising is by word of mouth by those you know and trust!  Many of our inspections have been for repeat clients.  We take pride in the fact they choose us again to provide the very best home inspections.  In addition, a large portion of all our clients have been referred by word of mouth from people who have used our home inspection services.  This is the very best advertising of all, and we sincerely thank those who recommend our services to their friends and family! 
Some of our clients are real estate investors who have used our services several times to make sure they were making a wise investment.  While we can't give buy/don't buy advice, we do provide a detailed description of the property and answer questions within the scope of the inspection so that the investor can make the most informed decisions prior to committing to  purchase.